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Don't Panic!

The page below may look daunting, but trust us, it's quite easy.

If at any point you need help, please call us on 01983 529039 or email info@isleofwightarts.com

What's the difference between "Isle of Wight Arts" and "Open Studios"?

Isle of Wight Arts is the organisation that operates this website (www.isleofwightarts.com) and runs the various Open Studios events throughout the year (July, Christmas etc).

If you would like like to take part in any Open Studios event or be listed on the website, you first need to be a member of Isle of Wight Arts. Membership lasts for 1 year.

I'm already a member of Isle of Wight Arts, what do I do?

If already know your login details then you can . If you have forgotten your login details, your can . Alternatively, please get in touch if you are unsure.

How do I take part in Open Studios?

First, select the "Yearly Membership" option, then select the type of Open Studio you wish to hold.

You can either hold a Solo Open Studio, or you can Share your Open Studio with other artists. The Open Studios are also split into West and East Wight and are held on successive weekends.

Can I take part in both East & West Wight Open Studios?

Sure you can. In fact, there is a major discount for taking part in both. Once you have selected the first weekend in the West Wight, you have the option to select an additional weekend in the East Wight.

When do I fill in the details about my Open Studios?

After you have clicked the "Continue to payment" and gone through the payment process successfully you will see an easy-to-use form for your details. This doesn't need to be completed right away, and you can always save it to come back to at a later date.

There may be a deadline to complete the information by, but this will be made clear to you when you come to complete the form.

I don't want to take part in the Open Studios. Can I just be listed in your YearBook?

Yep. You still need to select the "Yearly Membership" option, but you can then select the "Listing in Year Book" option.

I just want a page on the Isle of Wight Arts website and don't want to take part in the events.

That's fine too. Simply select the "Yearly Membership" option and you can enjoy all the same benefits as all the other members.

If you change your mind, simply return to this page and select more options.

What do I get for being a member of Isle of Wight Arts?

  • Your own page on the website with your own web address (e.g. isleofwightarts.com/your-name)
  • Visitors to the website can find you by name, location, medium or keywords
  • An online gallery for you to display your work
  • A page on the website for you to advertise exhibitions you are taking part in
  • The opportunity to take part in any events organised by Isle of Wight Arts

Isle of Wight Arts is an ever evolving organisation, created purely for the benefit of local artists. We will be adding new features to the website in the future and these will also be available to you.

Ok, that all sounds great! What do I do now?

Start selecting the options below.

Once you start, your selection will appear on the right of the screen.

Once you are happy with the options you have selected, click the "Continue to payment" button.


Isle of Wight Arts
Yearly Membership

In order to participate in any of the events held throughout the year (for example Open Studios), you all need to be a member of Isle of Wight Arts.

Membership lasts for 1 year for your own webpage where you can show your work, advertise exhibitions and receive enquiries.


The price hasn't changed from last year,
but the way you join has.

We have now split the membership of the Isle of Wight Arts website and the Open Studios.

This allows the most flexibility for participating in the Isle of Wight Arts:

If you are already a member of Isle of Wight Arts, please before proceeding.

The look of the members area may have changed, but don't worry - you can still do every thing you could before.