And The Birds That Live There

Getting up close to some of the birds that populate the Yar Estuary. As a child I lived for some years in a coastguard cottage in the middle of a bird sanctuary on an island in the Irish Sea, Walney Island.  Many years later I lived for 8 years in a cottage at the edge of Mill Creek,  on the River Yar in the West Wight where I could observe the birds without even leaving the house. Watching the tides coming and going and the changing weather and seasons makes one very aware of the passing of time and the life and death struggle of the creatures that depend on the predictability of those rhythms. 

I have completed a number of commissions for the National Trust and English Nature including bird charts and educational wall panels and murals.  Some of this work can be seen in the Education Hut and the Bird Hide at Newtown Nature Reserve; also at the Needles Battery in one of the observation rooms.