'Mapping the Effects'

Much of Mary' Flynn's work is concerned with issues relating to the environment. 'Mapping the Effects'are a series of five textile maps made from fabric collected from the shore that document the changing nature of the shoreline.

'Flynn's maps reinterpret the chart. They echo the making of a Palimpsest, re-using materials creating new messages and new meanings'.

Map 1 A Place Between

Map 2 A Place Between 2

Map 3 'Poison' provides evidence of material that is harmful to an aquatic environment and to man.

Map 4 'Sixteen'; is evidence of mateial brought to our shores from 16 countries. Photographic images of objects that pollute the sea are incorporated into the battered and salvaged fabrics.

Map 5 'Another Time. Another Place' The theme returns to the first maps where the battered and salvaged fabrics strongly resemble continents and islands, yet still have echoes of a former existence.