Beach Cairns Stacked timber collected as evidence of many visits to the shore, each bearing witness to a human connection. Painted, cut, drilled and nailed. Traditionally cairns are believed to perform an act of remembrance.

Eight Gabions Gabions usually hold back the sea or land,acting as a stabilising force. In the gallery context, '8 Gabions' become a commentary on the human impact on the environment.

Homage to Chihuly Plastic buoys collected from Isle of Wight beaches over a period of three years.

Layered in Time, New Strata Recycled shoreline objects.

Garden Spires Objects with holes threaded onto a steel armature.

Beach walk reliefs Beachwood gathered to record specific walks.

Endless Column Sculpture using recycled polystyrene floats

Shoreline Archive Objects salvaged over 4 years displaying the unexpected variety of objects that fill 45 boxes, providing the material evidence of a dark future.

Land and Water Paper pulp relief composition of landscape elements that record a journey on the south- coast of the Isle of Wight and expresses an affinity to the earth. The route taken was a familier walk. The focus of the work is on the elements remaining in the artists memory; colours of the earth, natural materials, the rhythm of steps and flow of water

Paper pulp bowls