Out of the Shadows: Casting New Light on Julia Margaret Cameron The exhibition runs from October to December 2017

QuayCrafts have worked in partnership with Dimbola Museum and Galleries to invite poets, musicians, dancers and other artists to join them in creating a festival of the arts exploring the themes, pre-occupations and surroundings of Julia and her friends, known as the Freshwater Circle

The work of the QuayCrafts group and their invited collaborators has resulted in an exhibition of contemporary art, craft,poetry,dance, film and photography and an accompanying festival of special events including talks, performances and workshops.

This exhibition forms the centrepiece of a project which has fostered an atmosphere of artistic experimentation in keeping with the spirit of Julia Margaret Cameron and the aspirations of Dimbola Museum and Galleries today, to create a vibrant centre for the arts. 

Visit www.dimbola.co.uk for details of events running throughout the autumn.

In this album Mary Flynn show examples of the work she has created for this exhibition.