Thinking Outside the box

For the this yearâs Quay Arts Open Exhibition competition I have interpreted the theme of âFreedomâ as freedom of thought.

Through the pandemic and lockdown, I was amazed by the imagination and innovation of people to come up with solutions to not being able to do things normally.
Thinking outside the box was happening: virtual business meetings, quizzes, PE lessons, art groups, family celebrations, concerts on balconies, pubs and restaurants switching to provide takeaway meals, the list is endless.
It also included the Quay Arts Centreâs own exhibition of 10 x 10 cm portraits last year called âBreakoutâ as a response to the lockdown. I have incorporated both of these themes in my responses. ÂThis first piece âThinking Outside the Boxâ is an installation of 2 boxes, one depicting being locked in and locked down - and the second box flying free, having broken out from the first. The second box is also a mini gallery of my âBreakoutâ portrait and portraits of my children. These family portraits extended on from my initial Lino cut self-portrait idea. Â