Specialising in landscape and seascape painting though many other subjects are included. Murray eorks in many mediums but is best known for his work in 'Artisan' water mixable oils. Murray is an SAAProffesional Associate and Promoter and a Windsor and Newton featured artist.


When I was seven I had a long spell in hospital and my father used to bring in sketch pads and pencils vor me an d would encourage me to draw. I have enjoyed drawing and painting ever since, though for many years made my living from designing and making furniture. During this time I found that I had a a flare for teaching and and early in 1997 did a teacher training course which I put into practice with my first regualr painting group. I have been painting and teaching ever since.

I very much enjoy working with all mediums but if I was forced to pick just one to work in for the rest of my life I would have no hestitation in choosing water mixable oil paint. I discovered it as soon as Windsor and Newton released 'Artisan' on to the market. My wIfe Cynthia had become asthmatic a year or two before which curtailed my working in traditional oils indoors due to the noxious fumes given off by the turpentine and mineral spirits used for thinning and cleaning. The advent of ' Artisan' changed my painting life. I was able to paint indoors again.

The oils in 'Artisan'  have been modified to break down in water so you can thin the paint in water and and clean your equipment with a little soap and water. Once the water evapoates from your painting, the oils remain and dry by oxidation. Of course we can now also paint in more public places as water mixable oils are much more user friendly.

Helen Van Wyke said that 'painting is a series of corrections' which really hits the nail on the head, the more experienced we become the fewer corrections we have to make; the joy of painting lies in the journey we embark on from our first brush strokes to that dashing flourish at the end, the signature..I love to teach and now tutor the 5 Bells Art Group at the Wilberforce Hall, Brighstone on a Tuesday afternoon 14.00 to 16.00. On a Thursday afternoon I run my own workshops at Freshwater Methodist Church from 13.30 to 16.00. I lead painting holidays for H.F. Holidays and am running various painting holidays in Britain and Europe. (See Exhibitions page for details). I also offer private tuition at my home studio for up to three students at a time.



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