Andrew Noctor BA(Hons), Three Dimensional Design. 1:1 / Fine Art / Prints

Hold this thought … electricity is just a natural part of our life, we are impulses, magnetic fields, memory store and light, quantum creatures – star dust. Art allows us to travel to magical moments, to remember a feeling, to embrace a memory. That’s my art; something minimal, allowing distant times, places, experiences, or emotions to surface, build a picture, an attempt to evoke that magic!

At ground level. How do I do it? Whilst also working with traditional medium, the digital pen and brush offer a new and exciting approach to art creation, a new spontaneity. I love the freshness & challenge. I love it too, when people ask ‘how did you do that?’ ;)


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How did I get here? I studied art at the University of Portsmouth from 1995 to 1999, but have lived in Ventnor on the Isle of Wight since 1984. Many of my current pieces are inspired by the local landscape, seascape, buildings & ‘dreamscape’. Photography and sketching are used to record and document walks & creative ideas. I’m currently producing digital artworks created with Blender; as a 3D designer, I use the tool to create physical objects, sculpture and artworks but have recently decided to ‘reappropriate’ the process, in the manner of more 'traditional' artwork. I’ve often wondered how the process could be used in fine art and my current work is the result of these ongoing experiments. The process involves 3D model making, lighting and then multi-layering (sometimes with the application of additional mixed media)the finished work. A limited number of each print is then produced using the Giclée process on Bockingford and other fine art papers or canvases. The process challenges the notion of ‘original’ and allows for practical, realistically priced, artworks. The pieces that you see here are the originals, directly produced by me in the AirPockit studio.




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