Becca specialises in making unique and magical pieces from recycled vintage, costume and broken jewellery. These pieces include her stunning Tamatoa,  spectacular seahorses, pearled jelly fish, bees, butterflies and birds, letters filled with vintage brooches that spell out 'Love', a feeling that is present in every piece she creates.

Becca fell in love with the Island and its beauty inspires her...Her art is varied but very influenced from nature and conservation. Today, customers are thrilled to contribute their bits of treasured jewellery to Becca's studio, be it a favourite odd earring, a necklace, a family heirloom or the contents of their mother’s old jewellery box, confident it will be turned into something original and very special.

Tamatoa is just one fine example of Becca's unique and one-off pieces. This is being currently shown in London at the Summer Exhibition 2019 


Becca Cameron was born in Surrey to a fabulously flamboyant artistic mother, descended from Italian Aristocracy. Her mother had the view that artistic inspiration comes from the soul and not through study in a formal environment and so discouraged her daughter into studying art. Becca found she loved drawing plants and her botanical illustrations went on to be published so instead of art she studied Botany in London.

Becca has a colourful and busy life with six creative children and 4 grandchildren and lives in an old rambling Victorian villa overlooking Freshwater Bay on the Isle of Wight. When she is not in her art studio, her time is taken up fighting for causes; Becca fights to save the birds, bees, oceans and trees and passionately encourages people not to throw away but to reuse, recycle and refurbish. Through her art Becca wants people - and especially children- to feel happy and appreciate the wealth of beauty in our world and be inspired to help our planet. This is expressed by Becca’s commitment to using pre-loved items in her individual pieces.

Becca has been showcasing her work since 2011 on the Open Studio Circuit. She started out by mosaicing washed up sea buoys and transforming them into mesmerising sea spheres. Driftwood was turned into unique fish and birds, and offcuts from glass studios became light catching abstracts. One day, a friend admiring Becca's work challenged her to make something out of an old Versace box of broken vintage jewellery. Taking inspiration from her fond memories of swimming with seahorses in Jersey as a child, hours of deliberation and painstaking endeavour produced a magnificent Seahorse which was sold before even being completed.

Becca is delighted to be chosen for the RA Summer exhibition this year with her piece “Tamatoa”. Tamatoa was inspired by fond memories of long summer days spent crabbing with her children and grandchildren in Yarmouth. The children laid flat on their tummies for hours, dangling their crab lines loaded with limpets into the sea. Becca remembers the shrieks of laughter and excitement when they finally caught one, and then their fear of being pinched by large ferocious claws. They soon learnt how to pick up the monster crabs and carefully release them after; to be re-caught another day. The crabs too seemed happy with their bellies full as they raced along the beach back to the sea. It was Becca’s grandchildren that named the exhibit Tamatoa – Tamatoa being their favourite crab from the Walt Disney film Moana. Tamatoa is the giant crab that carries all his treasures, things shiny and valuable, on his shell. In Becca’s piece, the treasures are brightly coloured vintage and costume jewellery including insects, a fish and flowers; all reflecting her personality and passions.



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