Becca specialises in making unique and stunning sea creatures from recycled Vintage, costume and broken jewellery. Also Mosaic, glass and Driftwood artist. Commissions undertaken.



Becca fell in love with the Island and its beauty inspires her...Her art is varied but influenced from nature …from her beautiful enchanting Sea Spheres made from mosaicking sea buoys, sea creatures including the spectacular Sea Horses, Crabs, Octopus and Jelly Fish made from recycled Jewellery and Fish and sea birds from driftwood that she has collected whilst walking her collies along the Island beaches

Becca has a colourful and hectic life– She was born in Surrey to a very unique and arty mother of Italian Aristocracy. She studied Botany at Kings College London, worked at a London studio workshop making wax models and TV advert props, organised big events, fashion shows and Balls and after she moved to the Island she wrote books on fundraising. She has married several times and has been kept busy with six beautiful children.

Becca accepts commissions so if you have a box of your mothers or Aunties jewellery tucked away unseen in a back of a drawer let her turn it into a unique piece of art for you…


Glass / Other Or Mixed / Jewellery / Craft And 3d / Paper Art


Freshwater Bay


01983 756781
07968 741654 (mobile)