Christina is a landscape artist.  Her works of art explore her personal relationship with the rivers, beaches and surrounding coastlines of the stunningly beautiful Isle of Wight, and the rich landscapes of the, nearby, New Forest.

Many of her paintings and drawings are the Artist's spiritual and emotional inner response to the ever changing effects of light on water that she observes in the stillness of the rivers, in the movement of the sea and the seasonal variations of colour that she finds surrounding her in nature.

The artworks produced are mixed media, oil on canvas, acrylic on canvas, and smaller, framed original paintings on paper.


In her twenties, she trained at Camberwell School of Art.  Her approach to creating her work is traditional in that she begins her pieces by sketching and photographing directly from her favourite places on the Island.  

Being surrounded by and immersed in nature allows her to record her immediate response to what she is seeing and feeling.  From here she returns to her studio, where more ideas, drawings, and smaller paintings are produced.  

When creating the final artwork she uses meditation and mantras to enhance her mental and spiritual relationship with her paintings.

She lives on the Isle of Wight with her two children and her Golden Retriever, Ziggy.






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