Paintings and drawings from nature and imagination, made around the Island or collated in my home studio in Shanklin.

The sea, trees, natural forces, senses and moods, I like to explore the act of being creative also of being physical, emotional. Being in nature and human nature. 

I have a BA (hons) from Central Saint Martins University of the Arts London.


Painting on the Isle of Wight

I am an artist painting on the Isle of Wight so I am surrounded by the sea. This physical and geographical fact is the reason I am so interested in fluidity.

I'm taking the word fluidity loosely to mean connection, mutability, ways of thinking and the possibility of things unknown. The paintings explore my ideas and feelings through colour, space and contrast. I've practised Yoga and meditation for many years and this also informs my painting.

My process oscillates between deliberation and relinquishing control. I like to experiment with art materials. I like the power of changeability and impermanence and the plasticity of paint; I'm interested in what it can do, and where it can take you.


Fine Art / Painting / Drawing / Other Or Mixed


Installations / Commissions / Tuition




01983 862948
07722188964 (mobile)