I specialize in creating textile pictures and fabric articles which are both practical and beautiful. . These are all made with lovely materials, both new and recycled, which  are then decorated with braids, buttons., charms , old family photos , words and mottos . Appliqued flowers and motifs detailed with freemotion embriodery flow in and around the embellishments  to give everything a unique charm. I currently have some of my work in The Dimbola Museum  gift shop as I have been allowed to use some of Julia Margaret Camerons photos. to print onto fabric. 

 By recycling all of my scraps I can create sheets of  fabric. These are all stitched together with free motion embroidery. Every stitch you see is made by me , and every sheet is different,  no two will ever be the same. These sheets  can then be cut up and incorporate into my fabric pictures, which are then finished off with some hand stitching , beads, shells and buttons. Because of this method of using all my trimmings I now have no waste fabric, even the cotton that gets cut off after sewing can be stitched back in and added to the design.

My Mum has been busily knitting up all her old tapestry and crewel wool into blocks of colour which we then put into a washing machine to felt it.  This makes the most wonderful fabric which I then use to design Christmas decorations, key rings and brooches. These are  also decorated with buttons, beads, applique and free motion embroidery.




I was born and brought up here on the island and was fortunately surrounded by women who made and created. Whether it was my Mum, Grandmothers, or the lady down the road , they  were all needlewomen. A lot of it was for necessity, the old make do and mend,  but this ultimatley lead to creativity which has come down through the generations and we have a very arty family , my niece is the artist and illustrator Lilly Louise Allen . I have always loved crafts of all kinds and have enjoyed knitting, sewing,  drawing, painting, calligraphy and japanese wood block printing to name a few. 

I love the challenge that commissions bring and have made many book covers for people. Some to celebrate christenings, births, weddings and keepsake memories. 

My love of nature and the enviroment is driving my recycled pictures at the moment and I am looking forward to see where the process leads me and my work!








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