Gianpaolo has a passion for all things creative and is inspired by architecture, nature; the sea; his family and the raw materials he has to work with.

He has had work published and used by local and national tourism and his prints are available in specialist shops across the island. His striking images can be ordered as limited edition giclée prints on canvas or fine art paper and large ones make fantastic centre pieces.


Photographing or painting the sea poses different challenges every time. Beaches change from day to day, tide to tide. In the winter months storms wreak havock and dredge the sand and stones to expose old sea defences and bed rock beneath. Whether enjoying glorious sunshine, getting soaking wet and cold or a mixture of the above, I have always loved being outdoors with a camera.

It has been a long and interesting journey since I inherited my Grandpa's SLR camera in the 1980s. I'm self taught and use photography as a tool to express my art and to record inspirational things I see in day to day life. I am continually working on new images and regularly update my website. You can also follow me on facebook, twitter and instagram.

If you have a favorite place or specific shot in mind please get in touch and I will do my best to help. Want something truly unique? Ask for a bespoke size or finish or a one off commission.

I also shoot Food, Weddings, Events and Interiors and have been the photographer at the Royal Hotel for over a year.

Want to take your photography to the next level? I offer tuition in creative photography and can take you out on location, sharing invaluable tips and experience.

I use reclaimed timbers for all my wood creations and love the extra depth and character it gives to the final piece. Natural forms, function, attention to detail and the finish are vital components of every hand crafted piece, from chopping boards and sculptures to mirrors; unique features and bespoke furniture.


Photography / Painting / Sculpture / Digital Arts


Installations / Commissions / Tuition