Gianpaolo has a passion for all things creative and is inspired by nature; the sea; the waves; the seasons and the raw materials he has to work with.

He uses 100% reclaimed timbers for all of his wood work, creating one of a kind pieces to order. Most of the timber is salvaged from old buildings, sea defences and piers or collected from the islands beaches and hidden coves.

With photography, whether shooting an event or being out in nature, Gianpaolo is always trying to capture the feeling of where he is. He also enjoys signwriting and painting.


Painting and photographing the sea poses different challenges every time. Beaches change from day to day, tide to tide, especially In the winter months when storms wreak havock on the islands south coast, tearing away sandy beaches and exposing the bed rock beneath. When taking photos at the beach i often collect drift wood and find inspiration from these pieces.

I use reclaimed wood and love the extra depth, personality and character it gives to the final piece. I am very conscious of the environment and work with as little waste as possible. Natural forms, function, attention to detail and the finish are vital components of every hand crafted piece, from chopping boards and bowls and sculptures to mirrors; unique features and bespoke furniture.


Photography / Painting / Sculpture / Craft And 3d


Installations / Commissions




07817548301 (mobile)
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