Sculpture made from reclaimed materials. From plastics and metals to sea glass and wood.

One mans rubbish is another mans treasure!

Current materials being used are satelite dishes, driftwood,seaglass,


Workshops available on request 


I am an eco sculptor based on the Isle of Wight.

Ever since I was a child I have always made things from recycling materials.

Over the last few years I have incorporated my passion for fossils and natural form into my creations.

I enjoy the challenge of working with mixed media, constantly learning and applying new ideas, experimenting with materials and seeing where the journey takes me.

 Tinkering around and seeing what I can make is what I do best.

Over the years I have worked on nightclub installations on the IOW and in Cyprus.

I have worked with local schools and had two installations on Coppins bridge.

I made a stilt walking dinosaur costume which was featured at the Isle of Wight pop festival and at Lyme regis walk of light and fossil festival.

I have run workshops working with all age groups from age 4 -84+ making sculptures by upcycling materials. 

I have participated at a few art and sculpture exhibitions on the South Coast in recent years. and I have installed a 12ft wing span dragonfly at Moors valley country park.


Glass / Other Or Mixed / Sculpture / Multimedia


Installations / Commissions / Tuition




07811686541 (mobile)