I am an emotive painter drawing from life experience.  I use strong vibrant colours and an ever increasing array of textures to build the layers which hint at the complexity of human nature.

The human form and all its expressions feature heavily in my work.

As an intuitive artist I am inspired by many things. I take ideas from the vibrancy of the theatre, therapeutic arts,the emotional depth of street art and the beautiful compexity of the human mind.

Movement and texture in nature is also something I like to capture and convey I mostly use Acrylics, sometimes oils, and mixed media.  I use simple printing techniques to capture the multifaceted and intricate aspects of people and nature.


  Arts and Soul studio is my artistic sanctuary and positioned in a beautiful place on the Isle of Wight in Carisbrooke priory, a former Benedictine abbey, steeped in history and near to Carisbrooke Castle.

It is here that I come to paint, a place to reflect on my creativity and life in general, to put on a canvas what I cannot say in words.

 I have been painting now for over 30 years and qualified with a visual arts degree in 1995.

  I have had a number of creative professions, forever evolving ,in life as well as in my art work.  

After graduating, I travelled and lived abroad as a photographer, inspired by cultures and wild landscapes.

 I then moved back to the Isle of Wight with my husband Hans and 3 children, who all inspire me on a daily basis.

 I next ventured  into delivering art, photography and craft sessions to young vulnerable adults and the elderly ,as well as painting murals for businesses and homes.

It was here my interest in art for wellbeing began.

. In 2012, a devastating illness attacked my eldest child, and painting became a therapy, a nesseccity and my outlet, but also my inspiration. My  work became about connecting with others on an emotional level. We all have a story to tell!

Today I can be found either in my art studio, exhibiting, working part time in a hostel,supporting young homeless adults, walking my dogs, taking photographs,gardening, attending my sons music gigs, and  my daughters activities.

The only time I am still is when I'm painting!! It is my meditation.  


Fine Art / Painting / Drawing / Other Or Mixed / Print Making


Commissions / Tuition




07711825537 (mobile)