I am now the very proud owner of an etching press! So, for the last 6 months, I have been improving my lino printing skills and learning new printmaking techniques.

I've been printing onto different papers and using many different intaglio and relief printing methods. All very challenging and exciting


I have been surprised at how it is possible to get quite delicate blends of colour and tone with collagraph printing,. it almost becomes a painting technique and each print is subtely different.


At Open Studios I will show original linocuts, collagraphs and cardcuts and will be very happy to explain the different processes to anyone interested.






I'm a painter and printmaker working part time from home. I have never been a professional artist but have regularly exhibited with island Art groups and in the annual IW landscape artist competion.

My subject matter is very varied., but always wildlife is a strong draw, and the beautiful landscape of the Island.

I think I have a bold style but as I'm always experimenting with different materials and techniques, my work is varied and might not be instantly recognisable. However, working like this keeps me on my toes. I never get bored, and I hope my work never gets boring!


Fine Art / Painting / Drawing / Other Or Mixed




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07851719009 (mobile)