Although I do still produce paintings using watercolours, acrylics and pastels.  Most of my work is now done in Encaustic Wax,  

Encaustic Art is a 2000 year old art form that was practice by ancient civilizations.  Examples of this can still be found in famous gallerys all over the world.  Wax is an extremely resilient medium that does not fade or deteriorate, its only real enemy is heat.  The process involves heating beeswax that has been combined with a huge variety of coloured pigments.  This can then be applied to many non-porous surfaces such as tiles, wood, canvas and a specially produced card.  The tools of the trade are a small iron with a very stable thermostat and a heated stylus which when pushed into the wax sucks up a small quantity into a small reservoir, this can then be used for adding fine details..  Also availabe are a large A3 sized hotplate and recently a smaller one has been developed.




I have lived on the Island for 43 years and when my children  'flew the nest' I used my new found freedom to attend numerous art courses at the Isle of Wight College of Art and Technology.  I began with a basic drawing class and continued on though textiles, ceramics, art history, 'O' level Art, 'A' Level Art and finally a Foundation Degree Course.  Unfortunately circumstances prevented me from taking up the offer of a place on Portsmouth University Ceramics Course so  I decided to set up a small pottery of my own in my garden shed, where I helped pay for my clay by making Urns for the Isle of Wight Pet Cemetary. 

A few years later I decided to enrolled for a watercolour class organised by Quay Arts at the Jubilee Stores and thought I had found my ideal medium, but I was wrong.  For Christmas 5 years ago I was give a gift of an Encaustic Workshop at Arreton Barns and am now completely addicted to this amazing medium.  I still join my friends there every Sarturday morning. 

I am a member of the Isle of Wight Art Club that meets at the Riverside Centre where I still practice my watercolours and I have exhibited with them many times at Quarr Abbey and the Peoples Gallery in Ryde..


Painting / Ceramics / Drawing / Other Or Mixed / Sculpture


East Cowes