Mixed media and textiles incorporating objects salvaged from the shore, both two and three dimensional work that make comment on the impact of humankind on the environment.


Mary Flynn: mixed media artist

Mary Flynn's work has involved regular visits to the beaches on the Isle of Wight to gather evidence from the shoreline, salvaging materials to inform and use in her work.

A process of collecting, photographing, archiving and selecting from found objects, results in art that speaks indirectly about the problems of the environment and also responds to an ancient and elemental engagement with the landscape.

The art is a direct response to objects found by chance and the significance they hold for the artist. 

Researchers are examining pollution in our oceans and the impact on marine life, the food chain and fertility, it is one of the most pressing issues of today. Covering 72% of the Earth and supplying half its oxygen, the oceans are the planet's life support system and they are in danger. Mary Flynn communicates her concern through her work.

Recycling/reusing materials and objects is often at the heart of work produced by this artist



Photography / Fine Art / Other Or Mixed / Textiles / Sculpture




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