Painting, moving image, music making, writing and photography


After graduating from Art College in 1970, and until 1990, I was a full-time freelance artist who had several solo exhibitions and sold paintings worldwide. After a period of working in digital arts I have returned to painting and have been working on four new series of paintings - “Interactions” portraits based on comic book characters interacting with ‘real life’ people. “Apollo 11 Launch” observing the people watching the launch of Apollo 11 which made the first moon landing in 1969. “The Marilyns” three large oil portraits of Marilyn Monroe. And the current series “The Secret Life of the Fox” taken from my own photos.


One-man exhibitions include:

The Royal Exchange, Manchester

The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic

Studio 17, Mayfair, London

The Barbican Centre, London

The Mermaid Theatre, London


Video artist 

My moving image work distorts reality and alters time and space through atmospheric layer combinations, symmetrical illusions and abstraction.


Festival screenings:

New York, Paris, Leeds & Brussels Film Festivals

The St Petersburg Festival of Arts

Britspotting Berlin, Zurich & Stuttgart

Cinem@tic Film Festival, IMAX, Birmingham

Visionaria, Siena, Italy

Darklight, Dublin


Special Event screenings:

Tate Britain

Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, New York

BBC Big Screens nationwide

Big Screen Project Manhattan

Coventry Cathedral

BBC Electric Proms


Fine Art / Painting / Digital Arts / Multimedia




Freshwater Bay


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07900 148163 (mobile)