I am a surrealism and portraiture artist specialising in drawing and painting, based in Brading.

With a background in figurative realism, I happily offer commission portraits.

Within my surrealism practice, I am inspired by the Fibonacci sequence, golden ratio and fractal geometry/cosmology, combined with my love of portraiture.
My work explores the repetition of patterns in nature with attachment to their philosophical and divine implications.
In biology, there is fundamental law that defines the physiology of species of classes, suggesting all life is interconnected. The message behind my work is that humans are not exempt from this seemingly homogeneous reality, as we can observe structures within our own anatomy that are also present in our environment on a micro to macro scale: the pattern etched by the river running, the shape that guides the veins of leaves can also be seen inside our bodies - in our nervous, circulatory and lymphatic systems.

My drawing materials include charcoal, pencil and pen, used intuitively to create surreal human forms entwined with natural patterns, a culmination of figurative and abstract. These drawings are helplessly expressive, permeated with grief as our relationship with the natural world becomes increasingly distant.

I also paint with oils and watercolour to make vibrant scenes that isolate and celebrate ubiquitous organic patterns, creating a surreal perceptual experience that is abstracted from nature.



I work from my studio in historic Rectory Mansion, Brading.

I studied Art & Design at the Isle of Wight College, where I was inspired to pursue higher education at Falmouth School of Art and completed my first year of BA(Hons) Drawing.

I left Falmouth School of Art in the second year when the course strayed from academic drawing to abstraction, which at the time I felt did not suit me. Instead I pursued another creative outlet in the form of holistic cookery at the Eden Project, where I became a qualified chef, attracted by the charity's ethos surrounding sustainability and climate change - however I gained soul-destroying insights into the failings of capitalistic society to achieve a wholly sustainable outcome...
I moved on from the Eden Project to complete my art degree at Plymouth College of Art. I also realised the importance of creative practice, drawing and painting, to my wellbeing. 

I resumed my higher education in BA(Hons) Painting, Drawing and Printmaking, where I began my investigation of the Fibonacci Sequence and its manifestations throughout nature and the human body. I dug deeper to unearth the fractal geometry of nature: all is self-similar repetition across scale. These two years at Plymouth College of Art have informed the basis of my creative practice.

Following graduation, I have returned to the Isle of Wight where I feel most at home, in awe of its natural scenery and diamond-shaped halo of coastline.


Fine Art / Painting / Drawing


Commissions / Tuition




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