A friend gave me this little Urn, i love these grecian influences.  I began filling the vase with flowers  and leaves from the garden, Then contrasted the soft colours of the flowers with lemons and limes.  I imagined (the second vase laying on its side) pouring this melted soft yellow buttery like liquid and rest of the image imagined itself onto the work. 

I make and prepare my own boards, i quite like the methodical process of a bit of woodwork, prefering to paint mostly on wood harder surfaces rathe than canvas. each board is sealed and then primed  4-8 times depending on the sort of finish i want.


Ive drawn and painted all my life.

We all look at the world in a different way, i enjoy the Nature world and much of my work is a reflection of this love of Nature in some way.  My imagination also wants to get imvolved, bringing things into more focus that are tiny or not noticable to others.

I frequently bring into a painting a memory or symbol from a life experience something that has meaning to me or something shines out that helps me 'See' from another perspective.

The favourite of my paintings are often combinations of the Real and the Imagined.


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