I am a fine art painter, painting contemporary realism still lifes and local scenes, using acrylic paints. I have four galleries of work for your perusal.


From a child I have always been interested in art i.e. painting and drawing in particular. In the 1950's aged 15 I attended the Scottish Schools Art Competition in Kelvingrove Art Galleries in Glasgow and I was lucky enought to win a Highly Recommended certificate. Not a big deal you might think but for a 14 year old it was huge. Coming from a financially challenged background the thought of going many years to  Art College without earning was never an option and an engineering apprenticeship earned a fair wage.

Over the years I've painted everything from Pub Signs, Commercial Illustrations, Watercolours, Pen and Inks, Portraits, Posters and Murals.

My love now is for contemporary realism which I admit in the 'Art World' is not the flavour of the month or in vogue today. In all painting subjects I am always uplifted and amazed when the quality of the work is so good it appears wonderfully realistic.

As I am retired I paint subjects of my own choosing and believe that time is not importatnt if quality rather than quantity is to be achieved, hence only a small number of paintings each year.



Photography / Fine Art / Painting




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