Abstract paintings, drawings, collage and prints on paper and canvas using ink, water colour, acrylic & charcoal.

The impetus for my work comes from the outdoors, where I use architectural and natural forms taken from the environment in which I live. These pictures are not a direct translation of what I experience or see, rather they are an interpretation of textural space. They are a collage of materials and shapes, colours and contrasts, slowly built up to create, hopefully, a harmonius painting that is evocative of the landscape rather than a depiction of it.

I make quick sketches with acrylics, water colour, charcoal and found materials, but I am starting to research more deeply, textures drawn from my own photograhs, books and the internet.  


About me; I came to art later in life, after a career as a surveyor, then as an industrial pipe-fitter and currently a gardener.   

Although it’s only more recently that I have had the opportunity to develop as an artist, I have always been interested in the outdoors, spaces and structures: buildings, their angles, negative shapes and shadows, hard lines, soft edges. I am drawn to industrial landscapes ,edge-lands and things that most people would pass by.

While I have no formal art school training, I have worked with different tutors, including Nick Martin, across a range of forms and media: life drawing, still life, acrylic, charcoal and watercolour sketches in the landscape. 

It is my dream one day to have my own studio and to be able to paint full time.

Forthcoming exhibition 7th - 20th September 2017 at Brading Roman Villa


Painting / Drawing / Print Making




07484725302 (mobile)