My work covers land/seascapes, flowers/plants and details of natures patterns, colours and textures, with a particular beauty which may be literal or abstract in impact..

The capture of dramatic light is a challenge because it can be fleeting as well as a technical challenge. If successful it can be transformative.


Having trained in Manchester, (UMIST), many years ago, when film, developers and darkrooms were needed to make prints, I came to the digital age about 13 years ago, and enjoy the "whole new learning curve" this entails. Embracing the potential of this technology for new ways of creative image making is the challenge. The basic photographic physics of light, optics, etc, as well as human perception, remain fundamental.

As a native of the Island, recently returned, it is only natural I love the sea and am inspired by Land and Seascapes, but also the details that go to make up the wider picture, which are often overlooked. This means the picture within the picture can add to our appreciation and enjoyment of the environment we are so lucky to live in. Macro work is a vital part of this and revealing beautiful small elements of nature is a challenge and pleasure.

In Manchester, industrial and technical studio work as well as graphic design were the main subjects, and I retain an interest in this. Nature is the best graphic design studio! Urban landscapes, including architecture, and again the details therein, are something I still enjoy. Historic cities such as Southampton, Portsmouth and Brighton are good for combining this with the sea.

The Island has always attracted and inspired many creative people. It is great to see such very good art, of all disciplines, being produced around the Island now.

My photographic "heroes" include Ansel Adams, W. Eugene Smith, Don McCullin, Joe Cornish, Dorothea Lange.







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