Semi-abstract, expressive sea and coastal paintings. Mainly in water soluble oils and mixed media, based around the South-West Wight coast where I live. After years of producing small highly detailed works, I now enjoy painting freely and intuitively in  larger formats. Possibly heading toward further abstraction, always exploring different ways to try and capture a real sense of the places that I love. 

Originals on canvas, board, paper and fine art cards.



I grew up on the Island and had a talent for drawing and painting from an early age. I left school to attend Art College in Southampton, but life took me down a different path and I actually ended up with a career in Biological Sciences instead of the Arts. For many years I produced no art at all. But when I moved back to the West Wight with my young family I finally had the opportunity to return to art full time.

I live in an area of real unspoilt beauty and am privileged to be able to absorb its moods and atmospheres all year round. There is something very special about being by the sea alone, surrounded by cliffs, birds and (often very!) changeable weather. When not walking the coast itself I need to be painting it and when there I'm inevitably sensing ways to express it.


Fine Art / Painting / Drawing






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