I produce functional thrown pottery, mainly in stoneware. I have been decorating my pots using rutile and iron over the underlying glaze, The rutile gives amazing variations in colour which I find very attractive. It's my intention to continue to explore the potential of rutile as I use it with new glazes and with highlights of gold lustre!

Mainly landscapes, occasionally wildlife, even more occasionally pets. I prefer to paint in acrylics and oils, selecting from photos taken on my walks. I can be attracted by the play of sun, or composition, or seeing a new challenge which will stretch my technique.

Both pen and pencil, often as illustrations for books or calendars. Pencil drawings particularly lend themselves to a watercolour wash over the top, giving a much softer result than pen and watercolour.


I took a 3D Design degree course at Manchester, graduating in 1982, specialising in thrown functional pottery and jewellery. I moved to the Isle of Wight from Worsley just over 20 years ago. Much of that time I have spent doing graphic and web design with some teaching. However I have now chosen to focus on pursuing my first loves of pottery and painting.


Painting / Ceramics / Drawing




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