Clay paints and driftwood, hand sourced from local beaches, give a physical connection to the island. The landscape of the island creates inspiration for the impressionistic paintings.

Stunning interior design pieces are created from driftwood, each piece has its own character, scared and shaped by mother nature. After drifting at sea, the wood finally returns to shore, where Strata gives it the chance to live again and be loved.

Watercolour paintings also available.

Greeting cards are available.


Strata's Original Art bridges art with nature. Clay paints and driftwood are used, giving a physical connection to the land. Nature is the inspiration.

Strata have developed a technique to extract pigment from clay and fossilised wood, hand sourced from local beaches. The pigment is mixed with a natural binder locking the pigment to the paper. The paintings have a natural earthy colour palette.

The paintings are based on the strata of the cliffs, shapes within the landscape, along with plants and creatures of the island.

All clay paintings are signed by the artist and carry a certificate of authenticity.

Strata also search for driftwood that has the potential to create stunning pieces of interior design.  Each piece scared and shaped by tides, storms and wind, weathering the wood creating amazing grain, colour and patterns. 

Driftwood holds its own beauty, Strata concentrates on bringing out the natural design already inherent in the wood. Many hours of finishing go into bringing out the beauty of the wood, which is done with pride and attention to detail.


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