Strata Original Art consists of two artists working together to creae original art.

Suzannah Aston - Painter - acrylic, watercolour and Clay paints hand sourced from local beaches, give a physical connection to the island.

Johnny Green - wood artist

Stunning interior design pieces are created from reclaimed wood and driftwood, each piece has its own character and is unique. Johnny also uses the Lechtenberg Wood Burning Technique to decorate his art...IT'S ELECTRIFYING!

Greeting cards are available. Colourng Books available of Suzannah's illustrations

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Suzannah's Bio:
In the mid 70's I trained as an Art Teacher, which led to me becoming Head of the School's Art Department.
In the 80's, I retrained as a Teacher of the Deaf - this led me to truly understand the old adage'a picture paints a thousand words,' as the children I worked with taught me the hidden symbology in pictures and paintings.
The turning point in my life which led to who I am today:
Sometimes fate steps in and makes us take a route that we would never have chosen!

Without a shadow of a doubt, I would never have given up my secure teaching job and joined the art world without fate’s helping hand.

In the late 90's I unfortunately had a major scuba-diving accident where I sustained brain damage, which ended my teaching career! This was a dark point in my life! I had to rebuild myself, not only physically but mentally as the basic skills of reading, concentration and memory eluded me for a while.

Art was my saving grace…Art helped me to find myself again amidst the confusion and brain fog days. It helped me with my reading and concentration – I had to learn things all over again!

During this time,  I experimented with different techniques and ways that I could make paints from nature – I went back to the basics! I experimented with pigments from crushed plants, clay straight from the earth and worked out how I could use them to paint with. So, my Clay Painting is tried and tested over many years.

Once I had 'rebuilt myself,' I decided to buy and move onto a narrow-boat. I move on board and travelled the network of British canals and rivers with my faithful companion Shogun, my German Shepherd.

Needing a way to support myself, painting turned up trumps again! I joined the Waterways Guild of Artists and taught myself to paint the different styles of 'Roses and Castles' that adorn the boats and canal-ware.

The Midland area of the Canal Network was originally owned by working boatyards, each having their own resident artist. His apprentice would learn from the master to carry on the boatyard's style of 'Rose and Castle' after the master retired.

The key reason for each boatyard having their own, distinct style of Rose and Castle was:

 many of the working boatmen were virtually illiterate! The style of the Rose and Castle showed other boatmen which boatyard and stretch of canal a boat belonged to. The style of Rose and Castle showed which boat had right of way at locks and save many a punch up!

By ‘using my eyes!’ I worked out how to paint the different styles of Rose and Castle. As I  travelled I painted on people’s boats and produced canal-ware which I bartered in at marinas for diesel or a pump out on my boat loo! Boat festivals were great places to'set up shop.'

In 2010 I moved to the beautiful Isle of Wight and became a land lubber again.

Since then, my art has become a full time career. I have designed logos and tattoos, illustrated books, exhibited  in galleries and sold to shops.

I currently work alongside my partner Johnny Green who creates stunning Driftwood Sculptures and turns salvaged and reclaimed wood into stunning Interior Décor Art.

Between us, we created Strata Original Art!

You never know where life will lead you!:

We needed to establish ourselves on the island, a very craft orientated place. So we joined the Isle of Wight Art group and entered their Open Studio.

Johnny did such a good job on our living room that folks thought that we had opened a permanent gallery!

We advertised our Open Studio on Facebook, and my daughter, who lives in Surrey, shared the post to her friends…one of which worked at Leatherhead's Theatre. She showed our work to the coordinator of the Theatre’s Art Gallery…which led to us having a solo exhibition.

From there, the coordinator posted pictures of our work to her friend in Florence Italy, who just happens to run exhibitions in a Gallery over there…to which we have been invited to exhibit our work this year! this space!!!


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