Semi-abstract and abstract paintings in pastel inspired by the landscape and based on location sketches, reflection and memory.



My painting practice and study of art has been interwoven with family life and earning a living and in 2008 I was able to paint full-time.   I have participated in Open Studios since 2011.

Artist statement

I am intrigued by the contrasts I find in the landscape between fragility and resilience, wildness and constraint, transience and the passing of time, and how these aspects also relate to human experience.  The inherent fragility of pastel contrasted with the bold marks and rich shimmering colour it can produce echoes my exploration of these themes.

I prefer to work intuitively drawing upon memories, sketches, studies and imagination so that the work gradually evolves and I am aware of an ebb and flow process during which I keep an open mind about the direction the work will take.

A sense of connection to the work is vital throughout as I find the rhythm and balance of colours, shapes, and marks that convey the essence of my idea.



2017 Quay Arts Newport Open Exhibition "I must down to the sea again" from 29th July

2017 Rum's Eg Gallery Romsey Hampshire Solo Exhibition April/May 28th

2017 Rum's Eg Gallery Romsey Hampshire Joint Exhibition "New Year, new work" January/February

2016 St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery Lymington Hampshire 17th Annual Open Exhibition, Highly Commended. June/July 

2015 St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery Lymington Hampshire selected for Open Studios Showcase Exhibition August/September 

2015 St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery Lymington Hampshire 16th Annual Open Exhibition June/July   

2011 Quay Arts Newport selected for Isle of Wight Arts Open Studios Showcase Exhibition July 



Fine Art / Painting






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