My current range is primarily of turned wood, with the forms -  bowls, boxes, dishes, decorative pieces – determined by the nature and character of the wood.  I enjoy exploring little-used and quirky techniques such as off-centre turning and steam-bending, as well as the endless permutations offered by contrasting textures and finishes.     

Some pieces call for additional elements including precious metals.  It is also fun to make pieces which reflect the changing seasons.


After graduating from Manchester School of Art, where I majored in metal and wood, I completed a post-graduate teaching course and subsequently taught jewellery-making and silversmithing at several art colleges. 

My earlier career as an apprentice-trained engineer informed my handling of metals, but this has been tempered by life and design experiences.  Metals are inanimate, behaving predictably in ways that can be controlled and remaining in the desired form unless subjected to further forces.  In contrast, wood is mysterious and contrary by nature, there can be hidden stresses and knots which are only revealed as it is worked.  The more complex the grain, the greater the character in the finished piece, but this may involve huge technical challenges with unpredictable outcomes including, at times, a significant risk of disaster.

I am inspired by the opportunities presented in resolving design problems to create prototypes and individual pieces, finding great satisfaction in their successful completion.


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