I concentrate on making unique, hand-knitted items using hand-dyed or hand-painted natural fibre yarns ranging from cashmere, linen, alpaca, silk to seaweed and wood pulp (Tencel). Due to type of yarn used my items are individual and in many cases one-offs. 


After teaching in an English Primary School in Spain I have returned to the Isle of Wight where I grew up. 

I learnt to knit when I was at primary school and have been knitting or crocheting ever since. I got hooked on knitting shawls when I couldn’t find the shawl I liked in the colour I wanted after having my colours assessed by House of Colour. I made a green shawl which I wore everywhere. My leaving gifts to my closest friends were Aeolian Shawls in different s and sizes.

I now knit and design shawls, and scarves, gloves, and hats customising them to suit people. This year I have started a new range of dog coats. So know you can have your dogs coat matching your hat, gloves and scarf.




Commissions / Tuition