My work is on sale at Seaview Art Gallery

 I have a great love of the sea and spend a lot of time on it. I take my inspiration from a view of the world from the water. I try to capture movement and colours that you wouldn't believe possible.

If you have a sense of humour then my Nauti Gulls should appeal

I  play in a local blues band, check out The Baggywrinkles Blues Band on facebook.



Thanks for looking at my work. I have been creative all my life it seems, if I wasn't making music then I was drawing. I played with ceramics for 10 years and then a break to be Mum, then I worked on my pencil drawing skills,learned about watercolour but then discovered acrylics. I'm impatient and so their speed suits me as well as the vibrant colours. I only painted for myself to start with but then was pushed into going more public with it and so here I am. I still have a love of the pencil, I find it nice and moody for the ballerinas. Acrylics suits the sights on the water as I am a keen sailor with a love of the sea.

I am also a musician and songwriter help youself to my music for free at www.waxfactor.orgIt took just two of us to make all this noise!!

                    See the other band too! The Baggywrinkles Blues Band here on the island.




Painting / Drawing


St Helens