2018    Another year of experimenting with watercolour, ink, pastel and lino cuts.

I've also been printing onto different papers and using them in collage with watercolour on top.

My subject matter is very varied., but always wildlife is a strong element.  I've done paintings of Island waterbirds....oystercatchers, herons, canada geese.

I hope you will come and see me at work during Open Studios. I will be in Gurnard Village hall along with 6 brilliant artists: Tony Westmore, Chris Gillies, Carly Groves, Sally Pengelly, Susie Prangnell and Steve Prangnell. July 13th, 14th and 15th 2018.  (10 til 5)

Other paintings have been inspired by flowers and foliage in the garden. 







I draw and paint using waterbased materials, charcoal and pastel. I like to experiment...and to work on a large scale. My subject matter is very varied. This always keeps me interested and excited whenever I start a new piece of work.

I enjoy watching water-based paints and inks react with I use lots of it ...I can sit back and let the materials do the work for me. I often draw into the paint with pencils while it is wet.

I do lino printing and I"m working on using handprinted tissue papers for collage.

I like to paint birds, landscapes and flowers.

This year, much of my work will be sketching and painting birds and garden flowers. 




Fine Art / Painting / Drawing / Other Or Mixed




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