I began painting in March 2021. I use both oil and acrylic and some times a combination of both. I'm inspired by our beautiful Island, the sea and beaches.





I'm 52 this year and  I began painting only recently, but I'm captivated by how it makes me feel. Having sold my property business of 25 years to began extensive breast cancer treatment in January of 2018. I was at a loss as to how to work with long term cancer treatment pain and cognitive impairment issues. The cancer battle was won for now but I was plunged, like the rest of the country, into our new reality with COVID. Being clinically extremely vulnerable meant I could not continue my relatively new retail job which I thought was to be my reality until retirement.
In March 2021 after a period of dreary personal duldrums I picked up a paint brush to give my brain something to do.
I found that friends enjoyed my work and other artists encouraged me to join Open studios. I'm thrilled they did and I'm now feeling like I have a professional place in the world again. 

I'm a keen sailor and in my early life I was one of very few female professional deck hands to be found working on private yachts. I sailed the Atlantic 5 times as professional crew before the age of 21. 
I hope to be able to improve my painting skills to a point where I can fully reproduce my many spectacular memories of being at sea.








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